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Cross-Border E-commerce DEMO


With the development of the world economy, the international per capita purchasing power continues to increase. At the same time, factors such as the general trend of “One Belt One Road” and “Internet +”, the improvement of logistics level and the improvement of the online payment environment have effectively promoted the cross-border e-commerce transactions development. However, for cross-border e-commerce companies, not only need to focus on market expansion, but also need to combine digital resources and methods to connect consumers, so as to meet customer needs quickly, accurately and efficiently.


1. There are many cross-border e-commerce sales platforms. Various overseas warehouses and logistics are different, and the requirements for the connection between sales platforms and warehousing logistics are high;

2. The cross-border e-commerce supply chain process is complex (such as sales forecasting, supply chain planning, head-end management, etc.), time-consuming, and costs are segmented and complicated;

3. Cross-border e-commerce has high financial management requirements and complicated management. The current financial software of cross-border e-commerce enterprises is overwhelmed, such as grouping, internationalization, a large number of inter-company related transactions and requirements for consolidated statements, the demand for statistical analysis of the amoeba model; the connection between the billing income of each platform and the income of the payment platform and management needs; docking, apportionment and estimation of various types of expenses on various platforms, management of headway and storage expenses, etc.;

4. At present, various cross-border e-commerce OMSs focus on the order docking of the e-commerce platform and the delivery execution of warehousing. The supply chain and e-commerce financial management are very simple, and it is far from meeting the demands of refined management.



1. Based on NetSuite’s group, international and multi-organization platform capabilities, it can meet related transactions and consolidated statements between functional subsidiaries. Based on industry practice, Hitpoint has realized automated continuous related transactions among multiple subsidiaries. At the same time, based on the amoeba model, a corresponding full set of business financial management reports have been developed;

2. With the powerful docking capabilities of NetSuite, Hitpoint has opened up major cross-border e-commerce platforms and mainstream overseas third-party warehousing, as well as financial income and expense data of each platform;

3. With the strong ERP foundation of NS and Hitpoint‘s deep cultivation in the field of e-commerce supply chain, Hitpoint can help customers achieve refined management of e-commerce supply chain and high coordination with factories and customs, as well as control over the whole process of the first mile ;

4. Based on NetSuite‘s complete financial processing capabilities and Hitpoint’s profound financial knowledge, Hitpoint can help customers achieve refined management of complex cross-border e-commerce finance: revenue and various expense reports of each e-commerce platform, storage fees for third-party warehouses logistics fee, etc. All of them are automatically classified and imported into the NetSuite system through the interface, and then refined allocation, estimation and accounting are carried out according to different classifications and rules, which realizes the cost reduction of the whole life cycle of SKU and the gross profit analysis of implementation;

5. Hitpoint‘s in-depth understanding and extensive practice in the field of cross-border e-commerce gave birth to Hitpoint’s self-developed cross-border e-commerce auxiliary decision-making system. Through the extensive application of AI machine learning and RPA robots, it can effectively improve the efficiency of e-commerce operations, greatly reducing the amount of repetitive work.


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