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With the transformation trend of new drug research and development, the biotechnology industry has ushered in a “golden era“ of development. The biopharmaceutical research and development model has transformed from the traditional big and powerful Big Pharma independent research and development model to the small and beautiful Biotech and the virtual research and development model of ”borrowing chickens to lay eggs“, which greatly reduces the risk of research and development, and greatly speeds up the pace of listing.


1. Requirements for global R&D coordination, groupization and internationalization;

2. High capital dependence, integration of business and finance, financial compliance, information transparency, and timely and accurate information disclosure requirements;

3. Requirements for full life cycle management, cost control and cost allocation of drug R&D projects;

4. Comply with the requirements of GSP standard supply chain control and batch traceability.



1. Based on years of practical experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, Hitpoint can help biopharmaceutical companies and outsourced medical service companies establish an efficient and compliant global financial system, a standardized and comprehensive material management system and quality management system, and create a material full chain traceability system;

2. Integrate end-to-end business data from R&D to sales to supply chain, realize effective monitoring of the R&D process and subsequent business financial processes, and achieve refined management of revenue and costs.


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